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Plaque Donations

We accept donations in order to continue to provide quality recreation services and facilities to the community and your donation helps us build a better community.  Donors may be recognized by the placement of a plaque on an existing park bench.  Park benches are placed in areas to best serve the public and we do not place benches solely at the request of donors.  Each bench can accommodate three plaques by separate donors and the recognition will be maintained for a period of three years for a $1,000 donation and five years for a $1,500 donation.  At the end of the recognition period, new donors may be recognized and the plaque will be returned to the donor if they so choose.

Parks has design standards for benches in order to meet accessibility guidelines, public benefit and efficiency of maintenance.  County Parks installs benches based on public need and not based solely on donor wishes.  Donor recognition may occur only at locations where benches have been placed to meet public needs.

Parks are public spaces and are generally not appropriate for memorializing individuals who have passed.  However, donor recognition in honor of another person may be appropriate if the wording simply provides the honoree’s name and a park appropriate positive quote or saying.

Detailed information can be found in the Donor and Sponsorship Guidelines. For additional information please call 805.781.5930, option 4.

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