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Endowments & Gifting


If you are in a position to provide a lasting contribution to perpetuate a worthy program or to preserve a special place for the future, you may want to consider providing for an endowment directly to a specific park facility or a significant park activity program that has benefited you or someone you love. Endowments can take the form of funds, land or other resources. To discuss the possibility of leaving this sort of legacy, please contact Nick Franco, Parks and Recreation Director at 805.781.5930 or by e-mail to


One way to give back to your community is through sponsorships for programs or projects at your favorite county park. There are a variety of ways you or your organization can sponsor. Current sponsorships include underwriting the expenses for children’s swim lessons or recreational swimming, providing the means for our facilities to receive donations of goods and materials, or to assist in organizing your group or organization to support a specific County Park project.


One of the easiest ways to give back to the community is through gifts to Parks. Gifting can take the form of cash, but usually means the outright purchase of specific materials or equipment from a provided list. Your gift goes directly to a selected location where it is needed within a park facility. Some examples include benches, bike racks, equipment, building materials, trees and shrubs, or other landscaping materials.

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