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Los Osos Skate Park

Los Osos Skate Park officially opened September 6, 2005 and is a 17,000 square foot concrete park with challenging terrains for all skating levels. Street scape terrain provides obstacles and rails that provide hours of skateboard fun. There are two bowls that give the experienced skater a thrilling experience as well as entertainment for spectators.

Hours of Operations

Daily: 10:00 am to dusk (subject to change)

Entry Fee

Entry into the skate park is free.

Skate Park Rules / Required Safety Equipment

California State Law , Health and Safety Code, Section 115775 – 115800 requires us to enforce the use of helmets, elbow and knee pads. This law is strictly enforced.

• Helmets required: must be tightly fastened and secured.
• Elbow pads and knee pads required. (CHSC 115800a)
• Wristguards highly recommended.
• Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, and small-wheeled scooters only.
• No smoking or tobacco products. (CHSC 104495)
• No food or drink in the skate park.
• Spectators must use viewing area outside the skate park.
• No pets allowed in the skate park or unattended outside.
• Littering is prohibited. (SLO Co. Ord. 11.16)
• Additional obstacles or other materials may not be used.
• Be courteous and respectful of our neighbors.
• Violation of the rules could result in eviction. (SLO Co. Ord. 11.20.060)


Los Osos Skate Park is located at 2180 Palisades Avenue, Los Osos, California.

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