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Nipomo Community Park Master Plan

The purpose of the Nipomo Community Park Master Plan report is to establish the long range plan for the park. This 137-acre park is the only public park in Nipomo.  When the existing park improvements were made in the 1970’s and early 1980’s the land surrounding the park on the west, southwest and northwest were undeveloped. Today, in addition to Dana School to the south, all the lands around the park are developed with residences. Nipomo has grown to nearly 17,000 people and many residents express the need for additional recreational facilities.  This Master Plan is the result of the process of determining needs and priorities in the community and translating them into a park plan for the future.

Nipomo Community Park Master Plan

Nipomo Community Park Master Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – September 27, 2012

Attachment 2 – Detailed Response to Recently Received Comments


0 – Cover_Title Page_TOC_rev092712

0 – Executive Summary

1 – Introduction

2 – Project Description

3 – Environmental Setting

4-0 – Environmental Impact Analysis

4-1 – Aesthetic Resources

4-2 – Air Quality

4-3 – Biological Resources

4-4 – Cultural Resources

4-5 – Geology, Soils, and Drainage

4-6 – Hazards and Hazardous Materials

4-7 – Land Use

4-8 – Noise

4-9 – Public Services and Utilities

4-10 – Transportation, Circulation, and Traffic

4-11 – Wastewater

4-12 – Water Resources

4-13 – Climate Change

5 – Alternatives Analysis

6 – Other CEQA Considerations

7 – Mitigation Monitoring Program_rev092712

8 – References

9 – Response to Comments_rev092712


Appendix A – NCP Master Plan

Appendix B – NOP and Comment Letters

Appendix C – Air Quality Background Information

Appendix D – Biological Resources Background Information

Appendix E – Hazards and Hazardous Materials Background Information

Appendix F – Noise Background Information

Appendix G – Transportation and Circulation Background Information

Nipomo Community Park Skate Park

A Request for Proposal (RFP) for design consulting services is planned to be advertised in Spring 2017.


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