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Planning Projects

Our Park Planning Division is responsible for the planning, design, and construction of park and recreation facility projects. This includes new park and trail projects as well as renovations and upgrades to existing park and recreation facilities.  From developing Park Master Plans, and Trail Feasibility Studies, conducing environmental review, and securing permits, to obtaining grant funding and overseeing project construction,  our Park Planning staff are always working on something to make our community better.

Here are a few of our current projects:

Avila to Harford Pier
Bob Jones Trail – Octagon Barn
Bob Jones Trail – SLO to Ontario Road
Morro Bay to Cayucos Connector
San Miguel Community Park Expansion
Templeton To Atascadero Pathway

Planning Documents

Our Planning Division is responsible for developing and implementing parks and recreation facility planning documents including the Parks and Recreation Element, of the County’s General Plan, and individual park facility Master Plans. These plans guide the future development of needed parks and recreation facilities to serve the residents and visitors of San Luis Obispo County. The following is a list of completed planning documents:

  • Needs Assessment and Recreation and Leisure Trends Analysis

County of SLO – Needs Assessment and Rec and Leisure Trends Analysis


  • Parks and Recreation Department Cost Recovery Methodology Final Report

County of SLO – Cost Recovery Methodology Final Report


  • Biddle Regional Park Master Plan

Biddle Regional Park Master Plan Update


  • Los Osos Community Park Plan

Los Osos Community Park Plan


  • Norma Rose Park Plan

This project will develop a 1.5 acre park facility in Cayucos on Ocean Avenue, West of the Cayucos Cemetery and directly East of Highway 1. Park improvements will include a skate park, children’s playground, basketball court, rest-room, and picnic areas. The skate park planned will be approximately 10,000 square feet in size. Construction documents are complete. To date, construction improvements completed include the following: restroom, street improvements and parking, and off-leash dog area. Future park facilities are pending the County Board of Supervisors’ approval for construction, and authorization of maintenance funding. The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors adopted this plan on September 24.2007.

Norma Rose Park Plan


  • Parks and Recreation Element

The Parks and Recreation Element (PRE) is a long-term plan for the County’s unincorporated areas, identifying future park, recreation, and natural area projects. The PRE establishes policies and programs to provide and maintain parks, recreation, and natural areas within San Luis Obispo County. The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors adopted the PRE on December 19, 2006 and became effective (law) January 18, 2007.

SLO Parks & Rec Element & Appendix
SLO Parks & Rec Element Project List

SLO County Parks & Recreation